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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Red and White Quilt ~ A Christmas Gift

Now that Christmas gifts have been delivered and opened, it is finally safe to show off the quilt I made for my mother many months ago. It's been quite a while since I received all these wonderful red and white fabric squares from Karen's Red and White Swap, and I knew going into this one that I would make a quilt for my mother with them. She loves red and white! She also loved the quilt! See what you think...

No outdoor, over-the-railing pictures for this quilt so a cock-eyed, spread-out-on-the-ironing-board picture will have to do!

I used the leftover blocks to piece a strip into the backing of the quilt.

The pattern I decided on was the disappearing 9-patch. I separated my reds into lighter and darker, put the lighter squares into the four corners, the darker squares in the middle of each side, and I used a white-on-white for the center of each block. The white squares ended up being cut into four pieces, the darker squares ended up being cut in half and the lighter squares stayed whole. I pieced the squares together so that the darker half-squares formed a sort of pinwheel. This block is so versatile and can be arranged in so many different ways. My scrap quilt shown HERE and my red and aqua quilt shown HERE were made using this block. To see how these disappearing 9-patch blocks are made, you can check out THIS POST where I showed the transformation from a 9-patch to a disappearing 9-patch.

A white border went around the whole quilt, and then the binding was made using a striped fabric from the same fabric line as the backing fabric.

A lovely little bundle of red and white!

Besides this red and white quilt which was a gift to my mother who reads my blog, I also finished the fish bag and mailed it off to the famous and very talented Mary Corbet of NeedlenThread. She also pops in here occasionally so I could not share pictures of that project until I knew the bag was safe and sound and the fish was back home where it belonged! So I'll share that project with you next time.

Sometimes it is fun to keep surprises like these projects secret, but it can be so hard not to share them ahead of time! I'm glad I can finally share them with you!

Happy Stitching!

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