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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tranquility Mini Quilt ~ Quilting and Binding

This Mini Quilt has been so much fun to make! I just hope my swap partner likes it as much as I have liked making it! The next step, after piecing the top, was of course to layer it with backing and batting and then quilt it. That's what I'm showing today...

I quilted it on my little old (and I mean OLD) domestic machine after marking my stitching lines with my handy dandy purple disappearing ink pen. You can see some of the marks still waiting to disappear there in the above picture! Those were from where I mis-marked and had to squiggle them out so I wouldn't stitch them!

Here's the top all quilted...

...and here's the back where you can clearly see the quilting lines.

Using my very favorite method of making bias binding, which you can find HERE, I made enough to neatly bind this little quilt. Next time I'll show you the finished mini quilt and the even mini-er bonus to go with it.

Going from mini to extra large, today I put my Butterfly Garden quilt on the long arm and quilted it. Using that same method of making bias binding, yesterday I made all the binding for this quilt so I should be able to finish it up in a few hours of work time. Finding that few hours will be the hardest part! Pictures of that project will also be coming soon!

Happy Stitching!

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