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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Butterfly Garden Quilt ~ Quilted!

The Butterfly Quilt is this close to being finished! I loaded it on the long arm the other day and stitched butterflies into it. Here are a few pictures...

Butterfly Garden Quilt ~ Quilted!I love the texture that comes with adding the quilting...

Butterfly Garden Quilt ~ Quilted!...making it look all cozy and warm.

Butterfly Garden Quilt ~ Quilted!There are lots of butterflies all over this quilt since the quilt itself is quite large!

Butterfly Garden Quilt ~ Quilted!See the butterfly wings?

Butterfly Garden Quilt ~ Quilted!And a few more fluttering by on the front...

Butterfly Garden Quilt ~ Quilted!...and lots of them on the back too! They are everywhere!

Butterfly Garden Quilt ~ Quilted!This roll of binding that I made the other day, using THIS method and a 32 inch square of fabric, is just itching to be stitched to the edges of that quilt. We have a snow day here today, so no running back and forth to school. I'm hoping to get the binding stitched at least to the front of the quilt today, then all that will be left to do is the label and the final stitching of the binding on the back. Oh yes, and a wash and dry so the quilt can be delivered in its final bunchy, quilty, cozy state!

Happy Stitching!

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