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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sudoku in Central Park ~ A Fun Quilt

Quite a while ago, I discovered this online fabric shop called 1Choice4Quilting where I found a Moda item I had never seen before. It was a Sudoku Quilt Kit and it was, at the time, available in two different fabric lines. It also happened to be on sale. Being the bargain shopper that I am, and also being in total love with Kate Spain's Central Park fabric line and a fan of sudoku puzzles, I purchased the Central Park Sudoku Quilt Kit.

Isn't that the cutest little package? It's only about a half inch thick and just big enough to fit two charm packs, so five inches by ten inches.

As part of the instructions, there was a sudoku puzzle on the front that had to be completed before the sewing could begin. I did that right away, and then put the little package away...until just a few days ago.

I really had intended to finish binding the last of the four quilts I recently long armed, but my bobbin was full of white thread, and I needed natural to do the last stitching of the binding, so I decided I should just use up the white thread on something else. How's that for justifying starting a new project before finishing another?

So I took out that cute little package once again, and the cuts of Central Park I had been collecting from great sales here and there. Ooooh, I was in love all over again! Time to see what was in those two lovely little charm packs in that cute little box.

Nine charms each of nine different fabrics in the line. And as it turned out, I actually got one extra of that orange up on the top row! I tossed that into my pile of swap charms!

Then I numbered each pile...

...and got to work piecing the 9-patch blocks according to the puzzle I had completed. I checked and double checked the placement of each charm as I sewed the blocks, then pinned a sticky note to each finished block, numbering them one through nine. All that was in the instructions!

To help keep track of the blocks, I pinned the puzzle on my bulletin board which hangs just over my sewing machine, and used sticky notes to cover each block as I finished it.

Then I laid all the blocks out in order and double checked again. My kids did some checking for me too, just to make sure there was only one of each fabric in each block, row and column.

Pretty, huh?

Sudoku in Central Park ~ A Fun QuiltI think I had to refill my bobbin before this point, but I just couldn't see putting all this away and then trying to get it reorganized again later. Imagine if I had gotten something out of order! Oh, the tragedy! I simply had to keep going! So the sashing went on...

Sudoku in Central Park ~ A Fun Quilt...and then I pieced the backing. Isn't that center panel just glorious? I really wished I could have gotten more of that fabric!

Sudoku in Central Park ~ A Fun QuiltAnd I made the binding. So now my bobbin is full of natural color thread and I'm ready to finish that last quilt! But at least now I have another one all ready for the long arm again! I feel obliged to keep this addictive cycle going!

Pictures of the finished fourth quilt coming soon...really!

Happy Stitching!

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