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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Animal Alphabet Quilt ~ Top and Back Finished!

My first after-vacation project was this Animal Alphabet quilt that I showed last time HERE. Each block of the alphabet panel was framed with the striped fabric when I left off last time, so here's what I did after that...

Animal Alphabet Quilt ~ Top and Back Finished!All those bright stripes coming together everywhere seemed to be a bit much for my eyes, so I wanted to separate them just a wee bit. I cut one inch strips of the red alphabet fabric and used it as sashing, which finished at just a half inch. Then I used the same red fabric as a wider border around the whole quilt. It think that half inch was just enough to break up all those stripes!

Animal Alphabet Quilt ~ Top and Back Finished!The panel came with the 26 alphabet blocks and two others for a total of 28 blocks, but that made for a very odd layout. I made up two more blocks in a 4-patch design using the backing fabric and some of the red fabric so I would be able to lay out the quilt in a 5 by 6 design.

Animal Alphabet Quilt ~ Top and Back Finished!I also made sure to cut the sashing strips so that the letters would all be right side up and readable, and also did the same with the outside border strips. I don't want this quilt to be the reason some child gets confused about how to write their letters!

Animal Alphabet Quilt ~ Top and Back Finished!The backing is a combination of the darling green word fabric with all sorts of animal sounds, the red alphabet fabric, and pieces of the fun stripe fabric. Can you tell I love to piece my backings?

Animal Alphabet Quilt ~ Top and Back Finished!So this is my third quilt of the summer, all ready to load up on the long arm and get it done! The binding for this will be the fun strip fabric cut on the bias. Lots of visual stimulation for some lucky little person! It will be available to purchase once it is finished. If you're interested in it, please let me know so I can save it for you!

I've had a chance to use one of my new rulers that I purchased on vacation, and also crochet a really fun little bag, so that's what's coming up soon. Are you being creative this summer?

Happy Stitching!

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