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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fandango Zig Zag Quilt ~ stepping out of my comfort zone

That Fandango jelly roll had been calling to me for a while. It wanted to become something very badly. My new 60 degree triangle ruler was also calling to be used for something. And then I popped in to the Moda Bake Shop and found this new design called Little Rays of Sunshine.

Fandango Zig Zag Quilt ~ stepping out of my comfort zoneAnd I was ready to go.

Fandango Zig Zag Quilt ~ stepping out of my comfort zoneI organized my jelly roll strips, sewed them together, cut them into triangles, cut the background fabric and started laying out the quilt. So far so good!

In sewing the triangles together, I have discovered the importance of accurate cutting if you want the tips of the triangles to turn out well. Triangles have always intimidated me, but after figuring out what works and what doesn't from sewing the first six strips of triangles together, I feel like I can get the other six done with a minimum of mistakes. The seam ripper has been my friend and constant companion for the last few strips I have sewn, and I will need to rip a few pieces of the first few strips and trim a bit before re-sewing. But now that I know how to spot the problem before sewing, the rest should work out nicely.

Isn't this a fun design? I'm having a good time seeing how the different prints come together and how the zig zag is taking shape. I'll show more pictures as I go along.

And speaking of stepping out of my comfort zone, I have some news to share regarding some big changes coming up here at home. It's all good and positive and wonderful and exciting, but will require a little less time spent on Hooked On Needles stuff. I'll share more next time!

Happy Stitching!

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