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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Paper Embroidery Project ~ Finished!

Microbiology started today and I think this course will be another winner! So before I get too overwhelmed with studying, I wanted to show you the finished paper embroidery project that I started over the winter break. Keep reading for some pictures of the event all set up and ready for guests to arrive, and some close-ups of the finished favors...

First a few pictures of the 40 bookmarks I made as favors for each of our staff members who were invited to this luncheon...

...and a close-up...

...and another picture...

...and one more just because I love all the fresh and happy colors!

We set up tables in the gymnasium for dining and food service with fresh flowers, bright colored napkins, cheerful colored fabrics...

...and each place setting had one of the embroidered bookmarks to take home...

...and we used those partitions in the background to shrink the big gym space a little and decorated them with photos of flowers that were taken mostly by our PTO president who helped me with this event, and a few by me. The teachers will get to enjoy those pictures in the teacher's room or in their classrooms if they want them. The colored fabric squares are Kona solids that I picked up at Joann's and they have been washed and added to my fabric stash, like I needed six more yards of fabric in my stash, but I have no doubt they will be used eventually! And really, who doesn't love a nice selection of Kona solids to choose from when it comes time to pick a solid for a project?

So that is the end of my paper embroidery project. If you are interested in trying paper embroidery yourself, I can highly recommend Stitching Cards for a great source of patterns for all occasions and ideas on how to use them.

I have one more thing to show from my winter break, the one thing I had promised myself I would finish before classes started again. I put it off until yesterday and actually finished it, so I am very excited to be able to show it off finally. That will be next, and then it might be quiet on here for a while until my classes are over in May. But don't be too surprised if I pop in every now and then for a quick update on my Homespun Blocks Afghan or some other little odd project I decide to pick up!

Happy Stitching!

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