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Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Well Traveled Crocheted Hexagon Granny Afghan

Dorothy was right. There's no place like home! But our two week road trip sure was fun! We got to see lots of things, do lots of things and visit lots of people so it was all good! And my crocheted hexagon granny afghan made the trip too!

We left two weeks ago yesterday and spent not nearly enough time in Washington DC, visited my 95 year old aunt in Huntsville, Alabama, made a quick stop in Metropolis, Illinois to see the giant Superman statue, popped in to the American Pickers' store in Nashville, Tennessee and of course the candy shop next door which had the most delicious homemade marshmallows ever in the history of the universe.

Then we continued west to our furthest destination of Kansas to spend a few days with my parents, two of my sisters and my brother and their families. I got to visit with the famous and extremely talented Mary Corbet of Needlenthread.com who lives very near our destination and she allowed me a peek into her workroom where I got to see her latest projects in progress which was lots of fun.

On our way back east, we stopped in St. Louis, Missouri for a few days of sightseeing which included going to the top of the Gateway Arch, a totally awesome experience, and riding on a riverboat named Tom Sawyer down the Mississippi River, and spending some time in the spectacular Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis with all of its unbelievable mosaics and beautiful altars.

Our last big stop before heading home was a day at Hershey Park in Pennsylvania where another of my sisters met us with two of her boys for a fun day of rides and water fun. Whew! It was a whirlwind of fun and hotels (we highly recommend Holiday Inn Express!) and restaurants and driving, driving and more driving! The kids got to swim every night in the hotel pools and we got to eat in many different restaurants that we don't have available here at home. Lots of fun times and good memories that we will all have for years to come.

I know you all are most likely not interested in seeing all 600+ pictures I took on the trip. Does anyone really enjoy looking at other people's home movies? Nah! But I thought I would show you the progress I made on my crocheted hexagon granny afghan which I was very thankful I had brought with me on the trip. I thought about leaving it at home, but my wise husband suggested I bring it. When we left, I had completed a little more than two rows. Take a look at where I am now...



...and more driving...during which time I realized that driving on the open road provides the perfect lighting for doing handwork! We lucked out on most of our long driving days with overcast skies and not a lot of bright sun which made for easy driving and comfortable temperatures inside the car for having a big pile of yarn on my lap!

This afghan grew quite a lot during our trip and now only needs one more whole row and then the little half hexies to fill in the ends, before doing the finishing work on it and sending it off to Wisconsin for the new bride.

If you like this pattern, it is available from Lisa at Polka Dot Cottage for free through the relevant posts provided on her website, or you can order the pdf file to save to your computer, which is what I did so I could access it on my ipad while away from home with no internet connection. Very convenient option, if you ask me!

So that was our vacation. It's good to be home, and now we can get down to the business of enjoying the rest of the summer with swim lessons, fun with friends, sewing projects, scrapbooking our trip, and all those lazy-summer-day kinds of activities before school starts again for me and the kids.

What are you doing this summer?

Happy Stitching!

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  • What a wonderful trip - I bet the Cathedral Basilica was beautiful. The altars and communion rails in the old churches are so elaborate. Your afghan is coming along nicely - I am really loving the green hexagons but then green is my favorite color!

    By Blogger annemarie, At July 14, 2013 at 8:41 PM  

  • I *love* the way this is coming out! Have you considered submitting this post to my new contest? http://www.lisaclarke.net/review-a-book-win-a-book/

    By Blogger Lisa Clarke, At July 15, 2013 at 1:00 PM  

  • You had an amazing trip! Thanks for sharing and Welcome Home!

    By Blogger Jeanna, At July 15, 2013 at 1:11 PM  

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