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Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Mittens Were Hung...

...by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there. That's how it goes, right? Well, maybe I changed it just a bit to fit my Christmas mantel. Not a stocking in sight!

I've posted about these mittens before and you can read about them HERE if you like. If you are new to Hooked On Needles, this may be your first time seeing my Christmas mantel, complete with huge knitted mittens just waiting for whatever goodies Santa might leave in them. The picture you see above is not a recent one though. It is, after all, only November 2nd! We do not decorate for Christmas until about a week before the great feast day, but I wanted to share some good news with all of you knitters out there who might be looking for something different to hang on your fireplace this year.

This huge mitten pattern was part of a kit I purchased from Mary Maxim many years ago. The kit came with the pattern and yarn to make a red and a green mitten. I made them and just knew that I needed to get more yarn to make one for each of our children so that we could hang out mittens, instead of stockings, by the chimney. They were just too cute and fun to pass up!

This kit is no longer sold by Mary Maxim, and they used to not even have the pattern listed as available. When I first posted about my fun mittens, I got so many inquiries about this pattern and so many people begging me to just copy mine and send it to them. Of course I would not do that because, being a pattern designer myself, I fully understand the importance of respecting copyright. But I sent all inquirers directly to Mary Maxim, and I even contacted them myself asking if they could make the pattern available.

Just this evening, I was browsing through the Mary Maxim website for something else and I came across THIS ITEM that made me so happy that I just had to share it with you. It's the huge mitten pattern available for sale! The pattern calls for their Titan yarn, which I also checked and it is still available. You will need one skein of the main color for each mitten, and about a half skein of the cream color for the cuff.

So if you are looking for something a little different for this Christmas, check out the pattern for these huge and whimsical knitted mittens. They are great for hanging on the mantel, but would also be so cute as a decoration on your front door with toys and candy canes coming out the top, or so darling to tuck a newborn baby into for those priceless family Christmas pictures!

Happy Stitching!

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