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Monday, April 24, 2017

Winter Sewing ~ Easy Ottoman Coverup

Here is another quick and easy sewing project that got done this past winter. My extra large chair-and-a-half that has been used as a backdrop for many photographs here on Hooked On Needles has an extra large ottoman to go with it. It is so super cozy to sink into this chair with a good book or a sleepy little baby. I spent many nights with my little babies sleeping in this chair when they were sick or just needed some extra TLC. In recent years, it has become what we like to call The Nest for our youngest daughter Grace who is now 12 years old. She likes to gather all her Stuff and settle into The Nest to read or crochet or browse Pinterest for her next project. She also had the bad habit of wearing her slippers while Nesting which caused the piping along the edges of the ottoman to wear out and look sloppy. Here is a picture of the ottoman before this quick and easy makeover:

You can see that the fabric covering the piping is all but gone and the rope inside the piping is exposed. The texture on the top of the ottoman is wearing thin as well. Not a great look if you ask me! So I had an idea to make a simple cover for the ottoman and went about the business of finding fabric that was as close a match to the original as possible. I lucked out at my local Joann's in their upholstery section and purchased a generous cut of this cozy fabric. I took a few measurements, hemmed the cut edges to the dimensions I wanted, cut out the corners in squares equal to the height of the ottoman, stitched up the corners and Voila! Here is a freshly covered ottoman looking all sharp and spiffy:

Not bad for a couple hours of time and some upholstery fabric!

Here's a very high-tech diagram of how I did it in case you want to make something similar for yourself. You can click on the picture to make it bigger:

If you want to make a simple cover for something like this, just substitute your own measurements. The size of the piece you will need can be figured by taking the width and adding twice the height to get the finished width of your fabric, and then taking the length and adding twice the height to get the length of your fabric. Add enough to each dimension for hemming the raw edges. Hem the edges, then cut out the corner squares which will measure height by height, in my case 16 by 16 inches. Then sew the two cut sides of each corner square to each other and place your new cover on. That's it!

If you have some fabric leftover and want to make a very simple cover for a throw pillow, click HERE and check out my tutorial for the easiest pillow cover ever. It's even easier than this ottoman cover! Really!

Happy Stitching!

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