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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Christmas in June with Bob and Santa - Dimensions Long Legs kits

It is so oppressively hot here today that I just had to do something to try to cool off. What better way to beat the heat than to think SNOWMAN? I'm hooked on more than just knitting needles and crochet hooks. I'm hooked on sewing needles too as you can see!

These friendly fellows, Bob Sled and his buddy Santa, were Dimensions Long Legs kits which I made recently as a downstairs-in-the-basement-where-it's-cool kind of project. Those are always good to have on hot humid summer days!

They are made with felt and sequins and trim, a little stuffing in all the right places, some beads for eyes and a few accessories to top them off.

Bob's face was embroidered with a simple back stitch for his eyebrows and mouth. His nose was a triangle of orange felt rolled up and sewn in little straight stitches all over to resemble a carrot, and then sewn onto the face. A little bit of powder blush from the upstairs bathroom and there he is, just as friendly as any snowman I've ever seen.

Santa is pretty friendly too, but it's hard to tell with that big bushy novelty yarn beard. His signature hat has a cheerful embroidered band on it with a little gold jingly bell. Just looking at him cools me off!

Santa's green felt mittens are sewn into his cozy red sleeves with nice fluffy white trimmed cuffs, embroidered to match his hat. Mrs. Santa takes such good care of her man! He's carrying a bundle of sticks with brightly colored gold stars hanging from them and a pretty green wreath. You would think it's time to decorate for Christmas!

Well if that didn't just do the trick! What kind of knit, crochet or other handwork projects do you do in the hot weather to keep your hands busy without overheating yourself? I'd love to hear your needlework plans for the summer.

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