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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Angel Swap Gifts Ready to Go

It seems like just yesterday that I stumbled upon Helen's website Hugs from Helen and the intriguing Stitcher's Angel Swap that she was organizing. Being pretty new to this whole blogging thing, I had never heard of a swap and was very interested in participating. So I signed up along with somewhere around 200 other people from all over the world. Not long after that, Helen sent me information on the person to whom I was to send three stitching related handmade items. How exciting this was for me to be able to make something for someone I didn't know and will most likely never have a chance to meet except through the internet, and also receive something from someone else I don't know and will also probably never meet.

I got busy thinking and planning and anxiously waiting for the new designs that were being offered each week by some very talented designers, and I finally settled on what I was going to make. I've shown a little bit of what I made already, but here is the final gathering of the gifts before they get sent on their way to Australia.

Angel Swap GiftsThe tote bag is a pattern I have made before which I found in a fabulous book on making all kinds of bags. It is fully lined and has two large pockets on the outside, one stitched with my original design of a wild-haired angel watering her button flower garden. This bag is also expandable and has a zipper to keep it closed.

The mattress pin cushion has the cute little Blue Wren's Nest design that Natalie of Cinderberry Stitches offered for the swap. Her design was for a little tote bag, but since I had already made a tote bag, I used it for the pin cushion. It was just too cute not to use!

The scissor holder is a design that Lynette Anderson offered for the swap called "Here Kitty" and that one was fun to do, stitching the little kitty and then putting it all together.

And then the last gift is the Fancy Beaded Scissor Fob which you have seen here before when I had my 100th post giveaway.

Besides all this, I also included a few other little items to fill up the box. I have not yet revealed myself to the person receiving these items, but if she's been reading my website then as soon as she sees the box with my name on it, she will know what's inside. I hope she enjoys having them as much as I have enjoyed making them for her. Could it be you? Perhaps!

Happy Stitching!

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