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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tunisian Short Row Flower

My first cone of cotton yarn is finally exhausted! When I started seeing the cone through the yarn, I knew I would not have enough left to make a whole dishcloth, but I had to make something. I couldn't just leave those last layers of yarn untouched! Would you like to see what I made with the last little bit of yarn?

Tunisian Short Row FlowerIt turned out to be a flower of all things! When I started this little project, I fully intended it to be a little drawstring bag similar to my Itty Bitty Anything Bag, only with a Tunisian Short Row bottom on it. Sometimes I have found that a project will become what it wants though, and not necessarily what I had in mind!

Using a size I regular crochet hook and the exact same method as the Tunisian Short Row Dishcloth, except with a beginning chain of only 7 stitches, I began what was supposed to be the bottom of the drawstring bag. After I finished the 6 wedges, I joined the beginning row with the ending row and was not entirely pleased with how the joining looked, so I pulled out the joining row and decided to just keep adding wedges until I ran out of yarn. I had no idea it would turn out to be something interesting and maybe even useful! What a great surprise!

Tunisian Short Row FlowerWhen I had only a few yards of yarn left, I stopped making wedges and worked a simple little decorative border on the outside edge like this...(ch 3, sk 1, sl st in next stitch) all the way back to the beginning of the spiral.

Then I arranged the layers in a pleasing manner and stitched a few times right through the middle catching all the layers, using the tail of the yarn and a darning needle. This serves to hold the layers in place and keeps then from unwinding.

Tunisian Short Row Flower backThis is what the underside of the flower looks like...just a very small version of the underside of the Tunisian Short Row Dishcloth!

This was a fun little project to do and it could be used for lots of fun things. Since it is all cotton and so soft, you could use it in the shower with your favorite liquid soap in place of your little netty scrubbie thingy. Or you could attach a pin to the back and pin it to your favorite crocheted bag or hat. Can you think of other things to do with a cheerful crocheted flower?

Happy Stitching!

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