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Friday, August 7, 2009

Children's Quilting Class was a success!

The Children's Quilting Class at our local library came to an end last night when all five young ladies completed their pillow projects and brought them home to show off to friends and family. It is my hope that they will treasure their handmade projects for years to come, and perhaps even take on other quilting projects in the future.

Would you like to see their handiwork? Take a look...

Children's Quilting Class completed pillowsLauren did a wonderful job of handpiecing her squares into the 9-patch pillow cover. Then she quilted a flower into the center white square, a big X in each middle edge square, and her initials into two of the corner squares.

Children's Quilting Class completed pillowsShe did a pretty good job of closing the last seam after stuffing the pillow form into the pocket. Blind stitch is a hard stitch to master, but I thought Lauren did well for her first time.

Children's Quilting Class completed pillowsAlondra was very creative in her quilting. A flower in the center, her initials in the yellow square, other initials in the green square, and various designs on the rest of the squares.

Children's Quilting Class completed pillowsI like this flower design that she put on the dark purple square.

Children's Quilting Class completed pillowsFlavia fancied a teddy bear for her pillow, so she traced the teddy bear stencil diagonally onto the white square and did a nice job stitching it. You may just barely be able to make out that the bear is holding a heart.

Children's Quilting Class completed pillowsMegan drew a music note freehand onto her white square and was very neat in her stitching. Then she added other designs on the outer squares too.

Children's Quilting Class completed pillowsAnd Brittany traced a flower in her white square, then freehanded other designs onto the outer squares that she said reflected her feelings.

Children's Quilting Class completed pillowsOn the purple square she stitched a heart. Look how consistent her stitches are...very nice!

Children's Quilting Class completed pillowsAnd on the pink square she stitched rows of wavy lines. Very creative!

I think all five of the girls enjoyed learning and creating in this class. I know I enjoyed sharing with them the knowledge that others have so generously shared with me. I hope that this will be just the beginning of a lifelong love affair with fabrics and creativity for each of them.

Happy Stitching!

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