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Friday, December 11, 2009

Secret Santa Christmas Swap gifts received!

Secret Santa arrived at my house today! George the mailman left a nice cushy package in my mailbox and it had the code I had been waiting to see written on the back...SSCS! It was all the way from Australia too...how exciting to receive something from someone so far away!

Secret Santa Christmas Swap gifts received!Here are the two gifts that were in the package - one clearly labeled to open at Christmas and the smaller one said 'ornament' which meant I could open it right away...so I did!

Secret Santa Christmas Swap gifts received!Isn't this the cutest hand-stitched ornament? And isn't it what everyone wants for Christmas too? I just love it! Can you tell red was the perfect color for the stitching...it even matches my tablecloth!

Secret Santa Christmas Swap gifts received!It also matches the ornaments on our living room tree! Whoever my secret Santa is did a good job picking this project for me...it is perfect!

Secret Santa Christmas Swap gifts received!Being the good girl that I try to be, I placed the other package under the tree to await the arrival of Christmas...just 2 weeks away! You can be sure I'll let you all know just what I find inside that lovely package, and who sent it too!

Happy Stitching!

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