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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pinky Prize from Sandi - How Sweet!

George the mailman was good to me again recently when he delivered a fun package from Sandi. Even though my name was not the one drawn in her Long Legged Bunny giveaway, she sent me one anyway along with some other sweet treats, just for guessing the Bunny's name!

Bunny Goodies from SandiHere's what I pulled out of the shipping envelope, so pink and springy!

Bunny Goodies from SandiAnd here's what was inside - the cutest, softest bunny with very very very long arms and legs and very pink ears who was very quickly swept away by my little Gracie who is 5 and loves all things pink and girlie. Along with Pinky was a bag of my very favorite chocolate, some chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies and a bag of sour jelly beans which my kids will love!

Thanks so much for the early arrival of the Easter Bunny here at our house, Sandi! That was so sweet of you!

Coming up later this week, I'll finally be showing you what I made out of the gorgeous French General fabric you saw here recently. Also you'll get a sneak peek at the original quilt design I used for the charity quilt I am making.

Happy Stitching!

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