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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Showing off Upcycled Jeans projects

The Upcycling Jeans class at our local children's library was a huge success! I am not sure who had more fun, the girls in the class or me! At the end of the first class, they were all so excited to go home and finish what they started or work on something new. By the end of the last class, they were really on a roll. Here are a few pictures of some of their projects, taken just before they all left after the last class...

Showing off Upcycled Jeans projectsA few of the aprons the girls made for themselves. Denim from old jeans is so durable and versatile. One leg makes a great apron!

Showing off Upcycled Jeans projectsThis is the beginning of a tote bag with pins still in the bottom trim. But check out the yo-yo already attached for decoration! The girls LOVED their yo-yo makers!

Showing off Upcycled Jeans projectsHere are all the girls, headless of course because I promised their mothers not to show their faces, showing off their bags and purses.

Showing off Upcycled Jeans projectsA close-up of one little over-the-shoulder purse...

Showing off Upcycled Jeans projects...and another one still a work in progress...

Showing off Upcycled Jeans projects...and another one that I think will probably get a little more embellishment at home.

Showing off Upcycled Jeans projectsHere's a tote bag all decked out...

Showing off Upcycled Jeans projects...and another one even more dressed up!

These classes are so much fun to prepare for and teach, and so much fun for the girls who get into them. They are funded by the Friends of the Leominster Public Library and are free to the students. Now that this year's program is finished, it will be interesting to see what we come up with for next year.

Happy Stitching!

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