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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Crocheted Candy Stripes Blanket ~ Finally Started!

My entrelac knitting project is finally finished and my new project is a crocheted baby blanket for one of my nieces who is having her first baby this year! I'll share pictures of the knitted project another day, but today I'm so excited to show you this new crochet project! The yarn is just divine and the colors are so much fun, not to mention the very satisfying stitch pattern for this blanket. Keep reading and see what you think of this project...

This is a Mary Maxim kit called Candy Stripes that I purchased not too long ago, complete with printed pattern and all the yarn needed to make the blanket. I chose the Gumball colorway of their Lollipop yarn for my afghan because I thought the colors were just so much fun and perfect for a baby blanket! The yarn is a medium worsted weight and 100% acrylic so it will be easy to wash and dry, a very important feature for what will surely become baby's favorite blanket!

This pattern is so easy to do, made up of double crochets and chains. It starts off at one corner, adding a block at each end of each row until it is as wide as you want it, then you decrease each row back down to the opposite corner. I love patterns that start in a corner because they seem to get going so quickly. Sometimes you just need a little instant gratification!

In this close-up, you can see how each row of blocks alternates the direction of the double crochet stitches with the row next to it, giving the fabric somewhat of a basketweave look.

And in this close-up, you can see the wonderful texture the stitch pattern gives to the blanket. Combined with the fabulous contrast between the bright colors and the white, this will be a very stimulating visual and tactile experience of complete coziness for this lucky little baby!

Happy Stitching!

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