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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mitered Squares Crocheted Baby Blanket -- Update

The Mitered Squares Baby Blanket that I started shortly before going on vacation last month has become my Relaxing-In-The-Evening project, and I have been thoroughly enjoying it. Working with the cotton yarn is a real pleasure, even on warm summer nights. There's just something about cotton that is cool and refreshing, even when it's crocheted into a blanket and sitting on my lap.

Mitered Squares Baby BlanketThis is how far I've gotten now. You can see that I have completed four rows plus four squares, so I am over half way finished. I try to get at least one square finished each night, but sometimes I can do two if I am caught up on my blogging and don't have to sit at the computer instead! I love how the design is working out to look like triangles. And actually it looks different depending on how you look at it.

Mitered Squares Baby BlanketThis picture was taken a little closer to the blanket and from one corner. Crocheting into the back loop of the stitches forms the ridges on each row and gives the blanket a very nice texture.

When I finish the remaining two rows and three blocks, I will have to decide what kind of border to do on it. I'm thinking just something small and simple so as not to take away from the design of the blanket itself. The next time you see it here, it will be complete! Stay tuned!

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