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Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Quilter's Resource -- Jane's Fabrics and Quilts

Yesterday I mentioned a Quilter's resource that I had found in my email box -- Connecting Threads and I've heard some very positive things about them. But this one I am talking about today I actually stumbled upon myself...

Jane shows the quilts and other projects she is working on, but if you want to see something really neat, scroll down to her Wednesday, September 3 post and check out the two quilts she has pictured there and read the story behind them. What treasures!

I know if I pass this on, it lessens my chance of winning, but the very next post of Jane's from Monday, September 1 is her give-away. That is what led me to her site to begin with. Jane is holding this giveaway in honor of her birthday on September 16 and the lucky winner will get 50 fat quarters of beautiful 1930s fabrics and 3 patterns! Wow! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Besides her blog, Jane also has an eBay store with loads of wonderful fabrics and some of the cutest panels I've seen in a long time. The Barnyard Animals panel is beyond darling, and I might just have to get me one of those, along with the coordinating backing fabric of course!

Many thanks to Jane for mentioning my 100th post giveaway on her site today. I really do appreciate the exposure. If you want to sign up for it yourself, you need to do it by Wednesday the 17th, early in the morning. As it stands now, your odds of winning are pretty darn good!

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