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Friday, October 3, 2008

Embroidered Mattress Pin Cushion

Last week I gave you a little update on my Angel Swap gifts and showed you a sneak preview of the embroidery on the last item I am making for this swap. Well, it is finished and I'll show you how I did it.

While cruising around and in and out of lots of different websites, I ran across this tutorial for a beautiful mattress pin cushion at Cote Passions which I am guessing is from France. Even though I could not understand one word of the writing, the pictures told the whole story. I just HAD to make one of those!

Then I came across another mattress pin cushion in the making at The Twisted Stitcher and after reading about the method, I knew I had figured it out correctly from the pictures on Cote Passions.

So I set to work.

First I took the entirely-too-cute Blue Wren's Nest design from Natalie at Cinderberry Stitches and traced parts of it onto my linen. Using DMC Perle cotton I backstitched the entire design. Then using the blue from the birds as my main color, I backstitched around the edges of all the pieces - front, back, and two sides.

This is what the linen looked like at this point:

Mattress Pin CushionIt took a lot of counting and recounting and envisioning how the side pieces would go before I finally finished backstitching all of the outlines, but I did it!

Mattress Pin CushionAren't Natalie's little birds just the cutest? I added the red blanket stitch edges on the back along with some of the lazy daisy stitch flowers so the little bird family wouldn't look so alone.

Mattress Pin CushionFor the side pieces which I had stitched before I knew exactly how I would place them, I had to work the outlines off set from each other so the stems would end up on the long sides and the blank sections would be on the top and the bottom.

Mattress Pin CushionI stitched my initials and the year on the side section that would go on the bottom and the left, then I stitched the name of the wonderful lady who will receive this on the other section so her name will be on the top. Then I cut out all the pieces leaving a generous edge so the linen would not unravel.

Mattress Pin CushionUsing the same blue Perle cotton of the embroidery, I stitched the sides onto the top with a whip stitch, matching up the backstitches from each piece. If I counted right, everything would fit perfectly.

Mattress Pin CushionWhen I got to the end of the first side piece, I stitched the second one on using the same whip stitch method, then continued stitching the top onto the second side.

Mattress Pin CushionHere you can see it is beginning to take shape. After the sides were stitched to the top and to each other, I stitched the back on in the same way, leaving the last little bit open until I had stuffed it firmly with batting. Then I finished stitching it up.

Mattress Pin CushionThis is how the back looks all finished. Those little birds just crack me up!

Mattress Pin CushionAnd here is the front of the Blue Wren's Nest Mattress Pincushion. I just love the tree and the swirly leaves. The red flowers are pretty darn cute too. Thanks, Natalie, for sharing that pattern for the Angel Swap!

This project was fun and interesting from the very beginning and I loved watching it come together while sewing up the seams. Three dimensional sewing is something I find very satisfying.

Don't forget to enter my fall giveaway by October 14th for a chance to win a very nice pincushion bag and other fall goodies. Good luck!

Happy Stitching!

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  • First I come across the X-stitch patterns , now the hand embroidery, It's like getting a Xmas gift. I luv embroidery. Have done miles. Your work is great & it's wonderful how you figured out how to do the pincushion yourself. It's fate, I have been wanting to make easy pincushions & needlebooks , particuarly to give away to other ill stitchers, And I've been seeing more pictures of them lately. If only the ones I really like would come with free patterns.Like yours. If anyone would like to help me out with my projects, I already belong to a stitchers group that basically gives knit items, but I sure can't get the yarn, so I thought the liitle projects would ne nice too; I'm at kkcarr@cox.net Postage would help too. I live in the US. Karen Carroll

    By Anonymous Karen Carroll, At December 30, 2010 at 1:23 AM  

  • It's Karen Carroll again. I don't think my post went thru cause I didn't get a word to type out to make sure I was a real person. It was basicallky the one I wrorote about pincushions, but this one was about needing X-stitch patterns, so I can make little projects for ill stitchers. I'm one myself, so I know what it's like. Could use yarn & posage along with the cross stitch patterns. I used to have a boxful saved from when before I got sick & was able to buy things. & now that I'm on SSI, I don't even have enough money to eat on so I sure can't but anything, but have to ask you good peoplke for donates so I can help other ill stitchers, (they don't have to be stitchers but I think it would be nice for a stitcher who can't do any projects anymore to receive one (I'll be there myself sometime soon or somtime later, but I'll be there, kkcarr@cox.net I belong to a group that mostly knits for ill people, which I'd liketo do too, since I kbit & crochet both. kkcarr@cox.net Karen Carroll

    By Anonymous Karen Carroll, At December 30, 2010 at 1:36 AM  

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