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Monday, February 23, 2009

Learn to Crochet - One-color Traditional Granny Square Video Tutorial

A Traditional Granny Square is usually made with two or more colors of yarn and a contrasting border around the blocks and around the whole afghan. Sometimes, though, a solid color or single yarn granny square is desired. The method for crocheting such a square is a little bit different than for crocheting one where the yarn is changed after each round.

In yesterday's post, you saw some pictures of just such a granny square afghan, crocheted with pink and green for the blocks and black for the border.

One-Color Traditional Granny Square Here is my sample block using blue for the middle and white for the border. This was crocheted with one length of blue yarn, continuing each round without cutting the yarn, until the last blue round was finished.

Two-Color and One-Color Traditional Granny SquareHere is the two-color block along side the all-blue block. The blocks are the same size because the pattern is almost exactly the same, the only difference being in how the rounds are joined and then the next one either started with a new color or continued with the same yarn.

And here is a little video showing just how to do a one-color or one-yarn Traditional Granny Square. You can find the written pattern below.

One-Color Traditional Granny Square

Remember to stitch over beginning and ending yarn tails to save time later.

Chain 6. Join with slip stitch in first chain. (If you find the center hole too big using 6 chains, try using only 5.)

Round 1:
(Chain 3. Work 2 dc in ring) This forms a beginning cluster.
Chain 2. (Work 3 dc) This forms a cluster.
(Chain 2. Work cluster) 2 more times.
Chain 1. Join with single crochet into top of first chain-3.

Round 2:
Work beginning cluster.
(Chain 1. In next corner work cluster, chain 2, work cluster) 3 more times.
Chain 1. Work cluster in same corner as beginning cluster of this round.
Chain 1. Join with single crochet into top of first chain-3.

Next round:
Begin and end each subsequent round as for Round 2, working 1 cluster in all chain-1 spaces, 2 chains between clusters at corners and 1 chain between all other clusters until square is as big as you like.

For single crochet border, join with slip stitch in any chain-1 space. Chain 1. Single crochet into same stitch and each stitch and chain 1 space around. In chain 2 corners, work 4 single crochets. Join with slip stitch to beginning single crochet. Cut yarn and pull through.

There are many different stitches that can be used for granny squares and I will be showing some to you in the near future, along with several different ways to join granny squares and a few more Tunisian crochet stitches. I'll also be showing you a beautiful crochet stitch that I am looking forward to using in a project very soon.

Happy Stitching!

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