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Monday, April 27, 2009

Fabric Needle Roll for Crochet Hooks

I'd like to start off this little show-and-tell session with another great big thank you to my sweet Stitcher's Angel and Pay It Forward friend Lyn from Australia because without the pattern she sent me for this project, I never could have come up with such a clever design on my own. So Thank You once again Lyn!

We are having some unseasonably warm weather here in New England right now, which is the perfect excuse to spend lots of time in the cool basement where my little sewing room is. I had the opportunity to do that over the weekend, and here is what I whipped up using some of the fabric I showed you the other day.

Fabric Needle Roll for Crochet HooksIt sort of reminds me of a diploma rolled up and tied nicely. With all the potential for productivity that it holds, I suppose it is similar to a diploma, but this was so much more fun to achieve!

Using the Knitting Needle Caddy pattern from Blue Willow Designs that Lyn sent me, I improvised a bit with the size to make it suitable for crochet hooks which are much shorter than knitting needles. My collection of hooks is quite extensive, so I also made mine quite a bit longer than the pattern called for. But the overall design and idea are right from the pattern.

Fabric Needle Roll for Crochet HooksThe little flap at the top is just the top edge of the finished fabric layers folded over and topstitched at the edge. This serves to keep the needles from falling out of the roll when it is closed.

Fabric Needle Roll for Crochet HooksHere you can see the flap opened and all my crochet hooks peeking out, each from its own little pocket.

Fabric Needle Roll for Crochet HooksI made my caddy, or needle roll, about 28 inches long to accommodate most of my crochet hook collection! Each pocket is 1 inch wide and even my largest short hook fits easily, as well as several of my hooks which still have the comfort cushions on them. When it is closed, the roll is only about 6 inches long and makes such a tidy package of all my hooks.

This was such a fun little project to make, and so practical too! I'll be making another one soon for a gift, and then I'll be on the lookout (probably in my own fabric stash) for fabric to make one for my unruly knitting needle collection. It's time I tamed that beast!

Happy Stitching!

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