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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Pin Cushion Bag

I am so glad that I purchased the pin cushion bag kit from Connecting Threads when I did, because I have not seen it available on their website since then and I think it's just such a neat little bag. I made the two bags using the fabric that came with the kit and used one as my Fall giveaway last year.

Here is one that I made for my sister using fabric I purchased myself.

Black and White Pin Cushion BagShe wanted one made out of the leftover fabric from the tote bag I made her for Christmas, but that fabric was canvas and would not have been appropriate for this pattern even if I had enough to use. So I stopped in at Joann Fabrics while I was out of town for the Parent Orientation Day at the college my daughter will be attending in the fall, and I stocked up on some black and white fabrics and a few other fun prints that I found too!

Black and White Pin Cushion BagIsn't this a fun combination of blacks and whites? A little pretty, a little crazy and a little plain and simple. Considering she's a nun, I didn't want to get too far out there, but I wasn't about to do just plain black either!

Black and White Pin Cushion BagShe loved the bag along with the matching needle book, even though it wasn't the fabric she was hoping for.

The little crocheted Rosary case I made for her was a hit too. Now I don't have to worry about making anything else for her until Christmas time, which I read somewhere recently is less than 200 days away now! Yikes!

Coming up soon here at Hooked On Needles will be a requested tutorial on a baby blanket pattern, an idea to make following a pattern easier on the eyes, and a little peek at the afghan I am making for a raffle prize at a golf tournament being held to raise money for a memorial scholarship fund by a local family who lost their son in Iraq in January.

Happy Stitching!

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