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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lining the Pink Bag - a Quick Tutorial

The pink crocheted bag I made for Jane's PIF gift recently was lined with a very soft pink striped fabric so that little things wouldn't fall out of the holes which are always present in a crocheted project like this.

Lining this bag was a very simple process, as you can see...

Lining the Pink BagSee? Wasn't that easy? Hmmm, perhaps this should be the last picture, but I really like this one, so I'm showing it first!


Lining the Pink Bag...after finishing all the crocheting of the bag itself, I flattened it out on my cutting mat to measure it. I figured that the lining piece which would go around the inside walls of the bag would need to be about 15 inches from top to bottom, and about 29 inches wide.

Lining the Pink BagThen I flattened out the bottom of the bag to determine how big the round piece would need to be for the bottom of the lining. As it happened, the Tunisian Short Row dishcloths I also made for Jane were just about the exact same size as the bottom of the bag, so I was able to trace one of them onto the lining fabric.

Lining the Pink BagThen I cut a rectangular piece of fabric twice the length and a little wider than the size I wanted the pocket to be. I folded it in half, right sides facing, and stitched up the edges, turned it and sewed it onto the lining fabric so that the folded edge was the top edge of the pocket. I also lined up the stripes in the fabric between the lining and the pocket so that they matched as best I could!

Before stitching the short sides of the lining piece together to form a tube, I turned under the top edge twice and pressed it. Then I stitched the short sides of the lining with the top hem unfolded, and then folded it back down again and stitched the top hem. This ensures that no raw edges will be exposed at the seam.

Lining the Pink BagThen I stitched the bottom edge of the tube to the raw edges of the circle with right sides facing, easing it to fit all around.

Lining the Pink BagI then positioned the lining inside the crocheted bag and pinned the top edge in place all around. Using white quilting thread, I whip stitched the lining in place.

That pink yarn you see holding up the sides of the bag belongs to my crazy crocheting daughter, but it's not part of her Babette, which by the way has two more sections added to it since the last update! No, this pink yarn is for the zig-zag afghan she had to put away because of the warm weather! When she starts working on it again in the fall, I'll be sure to show you her plans for that. It's another colorful project!

A few people have asked me to show how I added beads to this project and the other crocheted project I just posted with beads in it as well. If I had been smart, I would have made a video for that while I was actually making this bag, but I guess I wasn't smart. So I will work up a little sample piece and make a video very shortly showing how I add beads to a crocheted project. I assure you, you will be so amazed and impressed and just totally awe struck at how very simple it is to do! Really, it's so simple and so fun, and really dresses up a project nicely. Be on the lookout for that tutorial very soon!

Happy Stitching!

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