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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Twin Tea Cozies

Besides the Christmas stockings I made before Christmas, I also stitched up a pair of matching tea cozies for Kathy. One was for her to keep for her own Polish pottery tea pot, and the other was going to be for her brother. I made these two exactly the same way as I made the Christmas tea cozy, with the print fabric along the bottom, vertical stitching lines, and matching piping along the arch.

Twin Tea CoziesI just loved this bright blue fabric to go with the Polish pottery. So cheerful!

Twin Tea CoziesThe bottom of the tea cozy is slightly arched so that it will sit flat when covering the tea pot.

Now I need to make myself one of these useful little items, because my darling husband gave me this beautiful tea set for Christmas...exactly what I wanted! I'll invite you for tea once my own tea cozy is ready.

Happy Stitching!

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