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Friday, August 20, 2010

Crochet tips and handy helpers

Since posting my multi-part video tutorial on crocheting slippers, it occurred to me that some of my newer readers might benefit from some of the crochet tips I have posted previously. So here are a few links that some of you beginner crocheters, and seasoned as well, might want to check out. You could learn something new that just might help you in your crochet!

Stitch chart - a great chart to remind you of the little details of good crochet technique. I refer to it frequently myself and I've been crocheting for somewhere around 40 years!

Making patterns easy to read - good for any kind of pattern, not just crochet!

Keeping track of rows - good for knit or crochet patterns.

Comfort Cushions for crochet hooks - for those of us with 'hand' issues like carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis.

Locking stitch markers - a very handy helper indeed for knitting or crochet!

A complete list of all my crochet posts with links to each one. Included are video tutorials, picture tutorials, patterns, ideas, projects I've made and project made by others, information and inspiration.

You can find links to all my previous posts, which number over 600 now, at the top of my sidebar listed under the different categories.

And speaking of such a large number of posts...my next post will be my 600+ post celebration giveaway which you won't want to miss! Prizes will include a little shopping spree as well as a few handmade items and perhaps one of my original patterns too!

Happy Stitching!

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