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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chemo Hats for Patternworks Challenge

The Jeanne worsted weight yarn I purchased while on vacation recently was just a dream to work with. I have used it all up making three chemo caps to return to Patternworks, and I would definitely buy it again for any clothing project.

Chemo Hats for Patternworks ChallengeIt is so soft and smooth, and it just feels good running through my fingers.

Chemo Hats for Patternworks ChallengeAren't these colors scrumptious? There were lots more solids and some beautiful variegated yarns available as well.

Chemo Hats for Patternworks ChallengeI hope these hats will make someone enduring cancer treatments feel a little better.

Chemo Hats for Patternworks ChallengeI wish there were something like feel-o-vision so you could feel how soft these hats are.

Chemo Hats for Patternworks ChallengeThis yarn can be ordered from Patternworks by clicking HERE, and the pattern page can be downloaded from the same page by clicking the Download button at the bottom. There are knit and crochet patterns on the pattern page, and these hats make a great take-along project for when you're waiting in the car or at the doctor's office, or just for when you put your feet up to relax in the evening.

Make a few and send them in. I bet it will make you feel better too!

Happy Stitching!

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