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Friday, October 15, 2010

So who won? Let's find out...

It's the day so many people have been waiting for ~ the end of the Fall into Fall Giveaway! I closed my giveaway post to comments earlier today and got busy verifying all the entries. Out of 146 comments, 109 of them were valid entries, meaning that there was an email address provided or available on the profile, and at least one of the rules was followed. So for you folks out there who enter lots of giveaways but never seem to win, you might want to make a habit of including your email address with your comments and making sure you read and follow the rules set by the host.

To refresh your memory, here are my two prizes...

Awesome Fall Table Runner giveaway first prizeFirst prize: My original design Awesome Fall Table Runner made with Awesome fabrics by Sandy Gervais for Moda. Pumpkins not included.

Awesome Fall Table Runner giveaway second prizeSecond prize: Printed pattern for my original design Awesome Fall Table Runner and a hot pad made with the same Awesome fabric by Sandy Gervais for Moda.

So who won my giveaway? Let's find out...

Fall Giveaway DrawingAs each entry was verified, I wrote down the name and number of the entry on the back of my little Snoopy calendar pages that I save for just such occasions. I need to cool it on the giveaways for a while because I'm running out of calendar pages!

Fall Giveaway DrawingThen I made the arduous expedition into the kids' playroom to find Grace's Food basket which is the perfect container for drawings like this. I relocated all the play food into the shopping cart and made my way back to my workspace.

Then I did other stuff for a few hours because my little helpers were still in school.

Fall Giveaway DrawingWhen the time was right, I had Grace mix up all the entries and pull out the first winner...

Fall Giveaway Drawing...hooray for Kathy - Mom of Many ! She's the winner of my Awesome Fall Table Runner!

Fall Giveaway DrawingThen I drafted my other little helper as soon as he finished his big second grader homework to draw a second name out of the basket.

Fall Giveaway DrawingSean pulled Marsha out of the bunch so she will win a printed copy of my Awesome Fall Table Runner pattern along with a hot pad made with the same Awesome fabric.

I've already contacted both winners and will be mailing out their prizes next week.

If you like my Awesome Fall Table Runner and want one for yourself, there is one available in my Etsy shop all ready to put on your fall table. If you would rather make one yourself, the pattern is also available for purchase in my Etsy shop in the form of a PDF file which I will email to you once payment has been received. This is a great way to buy patterns because they are usually less expensive, and you don't have to wait for the mailman to deliver them!

Congratulations to Kathy and Marsha, and good luck to all the rest of you in the other giveaways! Thanks to Debi for hosting this fun event once again. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!

Happy Stitching!

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