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Sunday, December 5, 2010

eat. play. sleep. repeat. quilt finally finished!

This past summer I purchased fabric to make a baby quilt for a friend's new baby while we were on our family vacation up in New Hampshire. My annual shopping trip to Keepsake Quilting is always much more fun when I have a project in mind to find fabric for. Over Labor Day weekend, I showed my original plan for the layout of the quilt and had decided that it was not going to work. Eventually I got my hands on a piece of the solid fabric of the same Frolic line I was using for this quilt, and was able to continue putting it together. Just the other day, I had the chance to do the longarm quilting on it myself and now it is all bound and just about finished. All that's left to do is put a label on the back and wash it, and then of course deliver it to the little guy who will get to use it. I just love how it turned out...

eat. play. sleep. repeat. quilt finally finished!Instead of laying out the words as in the Moda Bake Shop design for this quilt, I decided to put them around the edges and leave the middle empty. I also printed my own letters using a different font which I liked better, and I made them larger than the original pattern. The only thing I might do differently if I were to make this again would be to center the words on each side since 'eat' is so short and 'repeat' is so long. My husband even had a suggestion for this quilt...to replace 'play' with another four letter 'p' word, but I think I'll pass on that! I wouldn't be too surprised if this quilt sees its share of that stuff anyway since I expect it to be used and abused and loved!

eat. play. sleep. repeat. quilt finally finished!I did a very tight loop meander for the quilting and worked a little zig zag around each of the letters.

eat. play. sleep. repeat. quilt finally finished!The backing is just the blue and green dot fabric pieced together since those are the two I had the most of besides the cream. I didn't think the cream would be a good choice for the backing since it would show dirt more easily and it might also allow the color of the words to show through from the front.

eat. play. sleep. repeat. quilt finally finished!For the binding, I used each of the four colors on the corners opposite the border strip of the same color.

eat. play. sleep. repeat. quilt finally finished!This line of fabric, especially the dots, is so cheerful and fun. Once again Sandy Gervais comes through for me! Have I mentioned before that I'm a big fan of hers?

So that's my latest finish in the sewing room. My next project is going to be a quick one. I found a pillowcase kit on my shelf to make Christmas pillow cases, so I'll whip those up for my two little ones to use. Then I have an idea stewing in my brain for something I want to make for my mother and my oldest sister, the nun, and for myself too. If it turns out as awesome in real life as it is in my head, I'll be sure to let you know!

Happy Stitching!

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