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Monday, December 6, 2010

Secret Santa Christmas Swap gift received!

Don't you just love it when you run out for a quick errand and when you get back, the mailman has already come and he leaves you a little note saying that since you weren't home for that 15 minutes, you now have to make a special trip to the post office to pick up a package that was sent all the way from Belgium? Ugh! It never fails! And the worst part is that this happened on Saturday, so I had to wait all the way until Monday to get this package! I guess I can't blame George since he was just doing his job. Timing is everything, right?

Well, would you like to see what was in this package? It was well worth the wait!

Secret Santa Christmas Swap gift received!Lots of neatly wrapped gifties just for me! And a lovely card from Martine.

Secret Santa Christmas Swap gift received!See that white tin in front? Since it wasn't wrapped, I thought it would be ok to open it and see what was inside. All I can say is YUM! They are little lace crisps made from butter, sugar and cashews...oh my! So delicious and rich!

Secret Santa Christmas Swap gift received!I don't know what's in all the other packages since they have to wait under my tree until Christmas (Chookyblue's rules of the swap!), but the package labeled 'ornament' was for opening right away. So I did. Isn't it darling? I love the paisley border fabric too!

Secret Santa Christmas Swap gift received!I hung it right on my tree in the living room along with the ornament I received in last year's swap. Thanks so much, Martine, for all the lovely gifts. I'll be sure to share the others with everyone after Christmas.

I am still waiting to hear from the person who received my swap gift. I know she received it because she emailed me, but no word yet on whether or not she opened it. I don't dare show what it is since she now knows who I am and I don't want to spoil the surprise.

How are your Christmas preparations coming along? Do you have a hard time keeping secrets this time of year?

Happy Stitching!

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