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Sunday, August 30, 2015

More Summertime Crocheting ~ A Colorful Baby/Doll Blanket

Summer has effectively ended here with the beginning of the new school year for my children this past week. Three days down, 177 to go! My semester begins this coming Wednesday, but before I disappear again into the black hole of semester three of nursing school, I wanted to share another little crochet project I was able to stitch up this summer. It's a little afghan that is small enough to be used for a doll, such as an American Girl doll, but big enough to be the perfect size for a car seat blanket or stroller blanket for a real live baby! And so colorful too! Here are a few pictures...

More information is available about this fun little doll or baby blanket over in my Etsy shop where it is up for grabs while it lasts. Please don't shoot the messenger, but Christmas is less than four months away and I'm pretty sure any little baby or any little girl with a doll would love to find this wrapped up under the tree!

Other little things have been taking shape down in my sewing room in anticipation of Christmas, but I cannot reveal them yet as they will be used as little gifties and I don't want to spoil the surprise! I know you understand! I will say that the colorful 7-inch zipper assortment I purchased from ZipperIsland's Etsy shop really came in handy for this project! They didn't pay me to say that, but when I get good service, I like to tell others about it!

So until probably after Christmas, farewell from Hooked On Needles! Unless I get a wild hair and decide to disconnect from school for a day and treat myself to some time in my sewing room!

Happy Stitching!

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