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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Crocheted Snowflake Afghan Resurrected for Winter

Crocheted snowflakes are the perfect kind of snowflake! No shoveling, no slick roads, no cold. In fact crocheted snowflakes put together into an afghan can be very warm and cozy, and perfectly delightful to have in a pile in your living room. After last year's ten feet of real snow, we are not looking forward to any of the white stuff this year here in New England. But there's not much we can do about it except prepare and have something to keep us warm. This afghan I'm making would do the trick...

How do you like these snowflakes? They are white and six sided and have a little sparkle to them, but I think that's about where the similarity with real snowflakes ends!

This was a kit I purchased from Herrschner's many years ago on their clearance page. I actually bought two kits since the price was so good, and I like afghans to be much bigger than the throw size that most kits make.

I crocheted all the white middles first a few years ago, and started on the blue outsides of the blocks. Then I put this project away in favor of other projects since this one wasn't for any particular purpose.

But after finishing that scrappy afghan I showed the other day, it was time to resurrect this project and get moving on it again. Now that I am back in school, this is a good project to have waiting for me when I finally relax for the evening. It's quick gratification, taking only about an hour to crochet the blue around the snowflake middle.

Maybe by the time we put our snow shovels away for the season, this afghan will be all put together and ready to show off again. We'll see about that!

Happy Stitching!

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