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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Children's Embroidery Class Sample Finished -- Yeah!

Well hip hip hooray! I finished the sample book cover for the Summer Embroidery Class I will be doing at our local Children's library this summer. I love the colors and the cheerful design. Check it out and see what you think.

Here are a few close-up shots so you can see the stitches.

The clouds were stitched in white, naturally, using the outline stitch. The sun is done in chain stitch for the outline, back stitch for the rays and random little straight stitches which are also called seed stitches in the middle.

The raindrops were stitched in a light blue using lazy daisy stitch.

The top and bottom edges were stitched in the same light blue as the raindrops using the blanket or buttonhole stitch. A description of the rainbow can be found here.

And here is the finished sample. I think we should be able to get through all this in 4 one-hour sessions, and each of the children will bring home a nice journal with a hand embroidered cover that will last longer than their favorite pair of jeans!

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