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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One More Children's Embroidery Project Finished

When I made arrangements with the local library to offer a Children's Embroidery Class, I decided that six children at one time would be a good number so that's how many registrations they took for the class. I was a little disappointed when one didn't show up for the first session and not one of the girls on the waiting list was available to come. I discovered that five was actually a good number for a group of beginners so I ended up with one set of supplies leftover.

Yesterday my friend's daughter Samantha spent the day with us and she is a very crafty girl. She was very interested in making her own hand embroidered book cover, so we got set up downstairs after breakfast and went to work.

Sam was a very good and patient student. She picked up on the techniques very quickly. Like many of the other girls in the library class, Sam also became good friends with my handy dandy needle threader in short order! What is it about keeping that thread in the needle?

Anyway we had a good time stitching and talking and learning new things. I made good use of the time I was sitting with Sam to work on my Filet Crochet piece for my daughter's dresser and made some good progress.

By lunchtime Sam had finished the rainbow and most of the clouds. Then after lunch and getting my little one down for her nap, we went back to work and she finished the sun, raindrops and blanket stitch.

Here's the result of a fun day of stitching:

Sam's Embroidery Project Finished

I thought Sam did a great job. She was a fast learner and very enthusiastic about her new found skill. I warned her parents to lock up their clothes or they may find them embroidered with all kinds of fancy things next time they wear them! I think Sam will use her new embroidery knowledge for some very creative things.

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