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Friday, December 19, 2008

Huge Knitted Mittens -- Hung by the Chimney Really This Time!

The mittens you saw recently hung on the cabinet are now hanging by the chimney as all gigantic knitted mittens should be a week before Christmas!

Yesterday was our 26th wedding anniversary and in this picture you can also see what my darling husband gave me for a gift.

Mittens hung by the chimneyWhen we had this house built back in 2000, we wanted a fireplace and chimney but didn't have the time for it to be put in. About two years ago, we finally had it done, right in the exact place where the mittens used to hang on the cabinet. I love decorating the mantle with garland and candles and my ever growing snowman collection. There are some nutcrackers in there too and the handsome music box nutcracker sitting by the fireplace tools.

To the right, you can see a very tall skinny Christmas tree in a pretty pot. I've always thought a tree would look pretty there and dress up the room nicely. That is what my husband brought home as an anniversary gift to me the other night. He and our 18 year old daughter went out on a little shopping expedition together, but this is the only thing I have seen so far. I'm sure next week, I'll discover what else they picked up!

Under that pretty potted Christmas tree, we put a tree skirt that I had made many years ago to use in place of a beautiful beaded one that our cats liked to chew on. This one is just fabric so they weren't interested in it. Once they were gone, the beaded one came out again and that is what we use under our tree now. So when this new tree arrived the other night, I needed something to put under it to protect the wood floor and thought the pretty fabric one would be just right. And it is. This tree skirt pattern is the one that had the instructions for making the never ending bias binding that I wrote about recently. I'll show pictures of both tree skirts soon.

I also have some vintage ornaments that my grandmother made which I will be sharing with you soon. And don't forget my little crocheted angel that is waiting for a new home! The giveaway ends Saturday night and I will announce the winner in my 200th post on Sunday. That is, of course, if we don't lose power again from the new storm that is coming our way for tomorrow!

Happy Stitching!

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