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Friday, April 3, 2009

Circus Circus Oddball Baby Blanket Complete - Crocheted Wavy Border

Once again, a crocheted border around a knitted blanket gives it the perfect finishing touch.

Just recently you saw the oddball baby blanket called Circus Circus after all the knitting had been completed. The colors that each knitter chose to work with were all so bright and cheerful and conjured up happy Circus-like images.

The border has now been added in an equally cheerful color using a fun, and easy, crocheted wavy stitch which you will find below.

Circus Circus Oddball Baby Blanket CompleteHere is Circus Circus in all its happy cheerfulness. The variety of stitches and colors really makes it a fun and uplifting blanket and I just know it will make some little baby very happy.

Circus Circus Oddball Baby Blanket BorderThis crocheted border begins with 3 rounds of single crochet to provide a solid base for the wavy stitch.

Circus Circus Oddball Baby Blanket BorderThen the quick-to-stitch decorative wavy border is added for the final round. Here's how it is worked:

After completing one or more rounds of single crochet (3 in this case), begin the wavy border by working 2 Half Double Crochets (hdc), 2 Double Crochets (dc), 1 Triple Crochet, 2 dc, 2 hdc, 4 single crochets (sc). Work each of these stitches in a separate stitch. Repeat pattern around the blanket, working 3 of whichever stitch you are on in the pattern into each corner stitch. Join with a slip stitch after finishing the last repeat of the pattern close to the beginning.

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Happy Stitching!

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