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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Apple Tote Bag is Complete!

I have completed the sewing on the Apple Tote Bag, and once again this pattern has come through with flying colors! As I mentioned previously, I improvised the outside shell of this bag to imbed the pockets instead of just sewing them onto the outside. I really like the look of this method as it breaks up the design nicely, while still providing a generous and sturdy pocket on each side.

Apple Tote Bag CompleteHere it is, filled with some stray skeins of yarn to help it hold its shape for the picture. Both sides are done the same way, with the pocket made out of the apple fabric.

Apple Tote Bag CompleteInside the bag, just on one side, I stitched a corduroy pocket for holding little things like scissors or a notepad or other items that you don't want to get lost in the very large main section of the bag.

Apple Tote Bag CompleteAnd here you can see the extension pulled up and zipped closed. This bag holds quite a lot without the extension, but pulling that zippered extension up allows you to tote even more stuff neatly. The one I have for my own personal use, which I made out of discontinued upholstery samples, is the bag I use when I travel by plane as my carry-on bag. It fits under the seat, but holds everything I could possibly need during a flight. You can see a picture of it by clicking HERE.

Tote bags are fun to make and fun to use, fun to give as gifts and fun to keep for yourself. They are so practical and functional and, once you know the basic techniques of bag construction, you can design a tote bag to fit every need simply by adjusting the measurements and changing up the pockets and other accessories. My Tote Bag Tutorial, which can be found by clicking on the words just above the picture of the black and paisley tote bag on my sidebar, is a step-by-step photo tutorial for making that bag. But a bag of any size or shape, with or without pockets or trim, can be made by following the same basic construction techniques.

Happy Stitching!

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