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Friday, June 19, 2009

Disappearing 9 Patch Blocks Complete

Even after saying I was not going to take on any more projects until my list was all red, I signed up for a quilt block swap! I just couldn't resist! It's a block I had never done before, and in fact my very first quilt block swap ever. Such fun could not be passed up!

Disappearing 9 Patch Blocks CompleteAunt Pitty Pat's is hosting a Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt Block Swap which may still have some room in it for you sporting spirits out there.

These are my 9 patch blocks, made mostly from 2 Sumptuous Living charm packs. Since there were only 36 charms in each pack, I had to supplement with a few pieces of my own fabric. But I got all 10 of my 9 patch blocks sewn up...

Disappearing 9 Patch Blocks Complete...and then I started cutting. That's the fun part, when you get to see what the final blocks will look like. What a clever design this is!

I am anxious to receive my collection of blocks from the other swappers and see what fun fabrics they used. I will be sure to share them with you here, at least a picture anyway!

Well, my little guy graduated from kindergarten yesterday morning in the cutest, most touching ceremony you could ever imagine. And my big girl is all graduated from high school now and heading down to her college today to take her placement tests and get her schedule for the fall. So the relaxed summer schedule has begun here at home. I don't plan to relax too much though, because I have lots of projects I still need to work on and share with you!

Coming up next is a peek at that afghan I am making for the golf tournament raffle prize I mentioned the other day. And I think I'll be making a few more of those recycled jeans clothes pin bags for my friend. She loved the bumble bee one that I made for her so she's bringing me the hangers from her old bags so I can make her some new ones. I guess that idea was a winner!

Happy Stitching!

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