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Friday, July 3, 2009

9 Patch Pillow Top Ready to Quilt

After I hand pieced the 9 squares together for the Children's Quilting Class at the library, I cut a piece of muslin about 4 inches larger on each side than the block, and a piece of batting just a little larger than the block.

9 Patch Pillow Top Ready to QuiltEach of the children in the quilting class will receive, among other necessary items, a similar piece of muslin and batting for the blocks that they piece.

9 Patch Pillow Top Ready to QuiltThen I basted the three layers together using a contrasting color of regular sewing thread. I started in the middle and worked toward each corner first. Then I basted each side about an inch away from the edge. This should be enough to hold the layers together while I quilt them.

I have purchased almost all of the supplies I will need for this class. The only big thing left for me to get is a wooden hoop for each of the participants. I am hoping to get six 12 inch wooden hoops, but my local Michael's store has been out of stock for several weeks now. I'll be making some calls to my not-so-local A.C. Moore and Joann Fabrics to see what I can find.

I love preparing for classes like this and thinking about how this kind of experience might influence the future of these kids. Did you ever take a crafty class at your local library or somewhere similar when you were a child? How did it influence your future?

Happy Stitching!

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