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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sock Yarn Competition

For those of you who love working with sock yarn, Berroco has announced something you might be very interested in. It's a Sock Yarn Competition! If I didn't have so many irons in the fire already, I'd jump on this opportunity to win $250. Besides, it would be a great excuse to zip over to my local yarn shop and ogle over all the fabulous colors and spend most of that prize money before I could even stop myself!

But as I said, I have lots of things going on right now so I'm not up for it this time. I hope some of you will consider it though. You don't even have to make socks. You can make anything you want, but you do have to use sock yarn. If you join in the fun, I'd love to see what you submit.

In the meantime, I'll keep preparing for the children's quilting class which starts in 2 weeks at my local library. I'm also working on a new crochet project that just might show up in a mid-summer giveaway. And I have a couple of new video tutorials I'll be sharing with you shortly on some new crochet techniques.

So stay tuned for all that, and a few pointers to more things I have found recently that you might find interesting.

Happy Stitching!

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