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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tote Bags for Sister Margaret

Bags are my thing. I just love bags. I love making bags, having bags, using bags, giving bags as gifts. I guess you could call me a bag lady! People have even started asking me to make bags so they can use them or give them as gifts.

Recently I showed some of the fabric I purchased for my latest bag-making spree, and now the bags are complete and ready to be delivered. Here they are...

Tote Bags for Sister MargaretI love this floral fabric, and I think the stripes make it look like a beach bag, which reminds me of warm sunny weather. That's something we haven't had in quite a long time around here!

Tote Bags for Sister MargaretHere you can see the zippered extension tucked down inside the bag, with the little D ring perched on the top edge, and the swivel hook hanging down just below the zipper.

Tote Bags for Sister MargaretThere's the swivel hook hanging on its strap underneath the zippered extension. This could be used to clip keys onto so they don't get lost in the bag, or any other item that has a ring on it.

Tote Bags for Sister MargaretAnd here's the second bag. How do you like that cool fabric? Sr. Margaret wanted the outsides of these bags to be made of darker fabrics so as not to show dirt quite as easily, so I used the lighter fabric for the pocket and on the inside.

Tote Bags for Sister MargaretAnd here's the same bag, looking down inside through the zippered extension and into the large inside pocket. You can see the D ring peeking over the top edge. There is also a large pocket on one side made out of the same fabric, so it blends in.

Tote Bags for Sister MargaretAnd here's the last bag for Sr. Margaret. She is giving these to three of her nieces so I made them all the same, except out of different fabrics. I think this one is just plain fancy fun! I couldn't resist the silver lined circles with stripes inside them. And the pretty blue floral paisley has silver lines around the designs too.

Tote Bags for Sister MargaretA silver D ring and swivel hook are on this bag too.

Tote Bags for Sister MargaretAnd this shows the zippered extension pulled up to reveal the swivel hook strap and the inside of the bag with its large pocket on one side.

So that is what I've been working on lately, besides all the usual household and family things of everyday life. I'll be delivering these bags to Sr. Margaret on Friday at the convent which is just behind the school where my son goes. It's the retirement home for the retired sisters, and they are such a joy to visit and spend time with. I think she will enjoy giving these to her nieces next time they come for a visit!

Happy Stitching!

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