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Friday, June 4, 2010

New Shelf for my sewing room!

With the little space I had in my sewing room to add a new shelf unit, I had to be fairly particular about what I picked. I found this CD/DVD Canoe Cabinet from CSN Stores and thought it would be just the right size to tuck into the small space I had for it. What do you think?

new shelf from CSN StoresHere it is empty, just after I finished building it, which took less than an hour and required only a screwdriver and a hammer.

new shelf from CSN StoresAnd here it is a short time later with all my kits and some pre-cuts that I found for bargain prices mostly from Connecting Threads and Green Fairy Quilts. I think I have plenty to keep me busy in the cool basement this summer!

Where the shelf is sitting in the pictures is not its final resting place. I am in the process of doing some major cleaning out and organization both in and out of my sewing room, and there is a small space against the wall inside my sewing room where this cabinet will fit perfectly. Once all the other cleaning is done, I will move it in there.

I am quite happy with the size and sturdiness of this cabinet. It's not very deep as you would imagine, since its intended purpose is to hold CDs, but the six shelves are adjustable so I can make them as close together or far apart as I need them to be for my piles of fabric or trims or whatever I decide to put on them.

CSN Stores carry such a wide variety of products that you are sure to find something to fit every need in one of their many stores. The customer service department has always been very good to me, and delivery time is great. My cabinet arrived a day sooner than I expected, which enabled me to make even better progress on my clean-up project!

I found a few items that I will be offering to anyone who would like them very shortly so stay tuned to see if it's anything you might be interested in!

Happy Stitching!

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