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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Postage Stamp Quilt Top Finished!

The Postage Stamp Quilt top is complete! 1200 two inch squares of pinks, reds, greens and white! And what a fun project this was, thanks to Rachel's easy piecing instructions and of course the use of a Moda jelly roll to start with!

Postage Stamp Quilt Top Finished!Doesn't this look just so delicious? I cannot even put into words how much I love how this turned out. And I was able to use up this jelly roll that I already had and some white yardage that I already had, so it fit in well with my project of using up what I have.

Postage Stamp Quilt Top Finished!I did have to purchase fabric for the backing and binding, which I have received and will show you shortly. But I will tell you now that I found just what I was looking for over at Allegro Fabrics on Etsy and I received excellent service from them. I love to share good things with my readers, and I think this little tip for online fabric shopping is certainly a good thing!

Now I just have to piece the backing and decide how I want to quilt this project. A lot of people on the Flickr group are talking about straight line quilting along the edges of the squares or diagonally through the solid squares only or other variations. But I'm thinking perhaps a pantograph design that has hearts as the main part of the design would be so appropriate for my quilt. How would you quilt this one?

Happy Stitching!

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