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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jelly Rolls ~ I won again!

Cozy flannel fabric isn't the only thing showing up on my doorstep lately. Two delicious Jelly Rolls of yummy Moda fabric showed up too! Check them out...

Jelly RollsViolette over at Hand Quilting drew my name for her December giveaway and this was the prize! Can you believe it? Two Moda jelly rolls, Maison De Garance and Fandango, and a beautiful card with a lovely handwritten note inside.

Jelly RollsWhen I received this package in the mail, I had yet to ever unwrap a jelly roll even though I had owned one for quite some time. I just love how they look and I love to look at them and hold them and dream of all the potential in those pretty little rolls.

Next time, I'll share with you my very first jelly roll unwrapping and what I'm doing with it. Oh my, it's so lovely!

Have you unwrapped any goodies lately?

Happy Stitching!

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