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Friday, January 20, 2012

Fun Little Zippered Accessory Bags

Last week I showed you a little zippered accessory bag and a tote bag that I had made from some leftover Make Life fabric after making my swap gift for the Accessory Bag swap. You can see those bags HERE. And then I showed you what I received in this same swap, which you can see HERE. Ooooh, I love that sewing fabric!

Today it's time to show you the bags I made for the swap and a few others I have made since then. Here they are...

Fun Little Zippered Accessory BagsThe bag on the right with the blue zipper is what I sent to Mary for the swap, along with a printed copy of my Susie's Quilted Cinch Sack pattern and four fat quarters to make one if she wants to. I hope she does, because it's an easy pattern to make and a wonderful bag to use as a purse. I've been using the one I made in the pattern for almost two years now, and even though it doesn't look quite nearly as good as it did then, it still holds lots of stuff and is so easy to put on my back and go! It really is time for me to make myself another bag!

But back to these little zipper bags...

The bag on the left with the green zipper has also already been sent on to someone as a little surprise gift. Both of these little bags were made using the Strippy Charm Pouch tutorial over at Moda Bake Shop. The larger bag in the center with the red zipper used up the leftover stripes from making the other two bags and was made using the Scrappy Apple Bag tutorial also at Moda Bake Shop. The only change I made was adding the little loop tab on the outside of the bag and I made it with a little bit different dimensions to fit the zipper I had and the scraps I used. This bag has not been spoken for and is available for $15 plus shipping. If you're interested, let me know. It will make its way into my Etsy shop soon!

Fun Little Zippered Accessory BagsThis darling little zipper bag was made using the pieces I had leftover after cutting my charms for the Shades of Gray charm swap recently, and adding that cute tape measure fabric on the bottom from my stash and a cute little black on white floral print for the inside lining.

Fun Little Zippered Accessory BagsFor the strap on this one, I doubled the width of the strip used to make the strap and folded it over four times instead of just two as the pattern calls for. This made the strap much more stiff which I like better.

Fun Little Zippered Accessory BagsThere's the cute little floral print on the inside. This bag has already been spoken for.

Fun Little Zippered Accessory BagsAnd these two beauties were made using the same basic design of the other bags, only using different dimensions to fit the fabric I had available. This fabric is from Moda's Fandango line by Kate Spain and was leftover from piecing the backing for my Fandango Cartwheels quilt which you can see in progress HERE.

Fun Little Zippered Accessory BagsKate Spain is one of my very favorite designers and each fabric line that she designs is better than her last! Isn't that red floral print just fabulous?

Fun Little Zippered Accessory BagsI used it to line both of these little bags! Yum! I have also finished yet another zippered bag using this red print as the entire outside of the bag, and the blue/green stripe print as the lining, but I don't have a picture of that one yet!

All these little bags will end up over in my Etsy shop for purchase, but if you like any of them and want to purchase one, just zip me an email and I'll set up a listing for you. They are only $15 each and I dare say their quality, materials, workmanship and design rival those high priced, name brand (VB) bags you find in boutique stores made by a company that used to pride itself on products made in the USA, but can no longer make that claim since they moved their manufacturing over to China. Have you tried to find the "Made in" tags on one of those bags lately? They used to be front and center and easy to find when they said "Made in USA", but now you have to dig deep only to find the tag now says "Made in China". Anyway, my bags are made right here in my sewing room by little old me. Well, by old me anyway. I guess two out of three isn't bad!

I just have one more thing to say today: Go Patriots!

Happy Stitching!

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