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Friday, August 22, 2008

Learn to Knit -- Eyelet Row Video Tutorial

A row of Eyelets, or little holes, on a knitted piece can add a nice touch of Fancy to the edge of a blanket or around the top of a baby sweater or bootie. It's very easy to do too. You just need to know how to Knit Two Stitches Together and Yarn Over. Take a look at this video to see just how easy it is.

I'm still getting used to knitting with a camera and tripod between me and my hands, so I hope you find my videos helpful in spite of their imperfections!

Here are two pictures of the sample piece with an Eyelet Row:

Eyelet Row in KnittingIn this picture you can see the evenly spaced holes made by Knitting Two Stitches Together and then working a Yarn Over. By themselves they can be decorative in a sweater or other piece of knitting. They can also be spaced out further from each other just by knitting in the usual manner the stitches in between where you want the eyelets. On the back side, all stitches are purled all the way across.

Eyelet Row with RibbonThis picture shows one of the ways an Eyelet Row can be used -- to weave ribbon in and out. This looks nice at the top of baby booties to keep them from being kicked off, or around the neckline of a sweater, or around the outside edge of a knitted blanket.

There are so many decorative stitches in knitting. Keep checking back for more videos showing how to do them, or sign up to receive an email whenever a new post shows up on this site. Check out the sidebar to subscribe!

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