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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Daisy Cottage Textured Needlepoint

I love all kinds of needlework and have tried just about every kind there is. Needlepoint was never really my favorite and consequently I don't have many needlepoint projects under my belt. However during my annual Vacation Shopping Trip a few years ago at Keepsake NeedleArts, I stumbled upon this kit for a Textured Stitch Needlepoint picture called Daisy Cottage. It intrigued me. The colors and the abundance of leaves in the picture would go very nicely in our master bedroom. But would I ever actually make it? If so, would it turn out good enough to spend the money to have it professionally framed? And even if I did make it, would I enjoy it? Needlepoint kits are not generally low-budget items, so these were all very good questions. I took the plunge and purchased it. The fact that it had been marked down from $59.99 to $17.99 helped quite a bit!

Daisy Cottage NeedlepointAnd here it is, in all its finished-but-not-yet-framed glory. I must say I am pleased with the outcome and I really did enjoy making it. The stitched part of this piece is only 7 inches square but as you can see it has lots of different stitches in it which give it a sort of 3-dimensional appearance.

Daisy Cottage NeedlepointThis corner of the piece is done in a greyish green wool background of Diagonal Mosaic stitch with little
yellow Perle Cotton French Knots on top. You can imagine the yellow to be any kind of flower you like.

Daisy Cottage NeedlepointThe light and dark green reeds in the foreground are worked in Straight Satin stitch. The tan walkway and light green bush backgrounds are worked in Tent Stitch with Cross Stitch cobblestones in cream colored wool and pink Perle Cotton flowers. The greyish green background on the right side of the picture is Diagonal Mosaic stitch again with white French Knots. The dark green background above that is worked in the Upright Greek Cross stitch which gives a nice texture to that area.

Daisy Cottage NeedlepointDoesn't this doorway look inviting with its Lazy Daisy stitch vine and Double Cross yellow flowers surrounding it? The door itself is worked in columns of Straight Satin stitch with Tent stitch in between to look like panels of wood.

Daisy Cottage NeedlepointI love the look of the thatched roof with the scalloped edge on top and the Cross stitch peak.

Daisy Cottage NeedlepointThis patch of daisies has a background of dark green Tent stitch, white Perle Cotton Tent stitch "petals" and yellow Perle Cotton French Knot centers. Very cheerful!

Daisy Cottage NeedlepointHere is a close-up of the finished piece. The Straight Satin stitch edge around the whole piece goes over 2 threads of canvas and is worked in wool that matches the design. This will be covered by the mat when professionally framed.

I enjoyed doing this piece because it is not very big so it wasn't a long-term commitment, and each section was small enough to work up quickly, but large enough to get the feel for all the different stitches. I also love the look of the shiny Perle Cotton used in amongst the wool.

Tomorrow I'll show you what else I purchased at the same time as this kit and what I hope to get to go along with it.

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