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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

3-Way Washcloth Swap

It's no secret that I love to make and use crocheted cotton washcloths. I've shown more than a few to you here at Hooked On Needles. I also enjoy swapping with others in organized, themed swaps hosted on this or that website. On my sidebar are listed swaps that I have joined or that I think others might be interested in.

A few months ago, a website that I follow was hosting a washcloth swap, so naturally I wrote in a comment asking to join. The hostess kindly informed me that it would be for local swappers only, and since I'm in the US, I wasn't local. I noticed a couple other US names in the comment section, one I knew from the kitchen swap I had participated in a while ago. So I contacted the other two prospective washcloth swappers, and we agreed on a 3-way washcloth swap using the same rules as the original swap. Here's the result...

Handmade Washcloth swapThese little fabric baskets, complete with a Tunisian Short Row crocheted cotton washcloth, a little foot scrubbie with a brush on one side and a pumice stone on the other, and a little tube of foot cream, are the gifts Joy and Adrienne received from me.

Handmade Washcloth swapThis pretty little collection of pink is what I received from Joy.

Handmade Washcloth swapJoy sent two washcloths made from 1920-1930 feedsacks on the floral side and cozy pink fuzzy terrycloth on the other. She also included a pretty pink nail file, some delicious jam and a cake of handmade soap, also pink. What a lovely pink package from Joy!

Handmade Washcloth swapAnd here's what Adrienne sent me...very cute and clever notecards with fabric shapes sewn onto them, including envelopes, a wonderfully scrubbie cotton washcloth that she crocheted herself, and a bar of handmade soap all wrapped up in a pretty ribbon.

Handmade Washcloth swapHere's a close-up of the soap and the washcloth. I'm hoping if you see it close enough that you will be able to smell it...it really smells GOOD! Another package of thoughtful, and useful, gifts from Adrienne!

Thanks so much, ladies, for a fun swap!

Next up will be the English version of the Crocheted Pin Cushion pattern which I showed a few days ago. Liselotte was kind enough to allow me to publish it here on my website.

Happy Stitching!

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