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Monday, August 23, 2010

It's Quilting Cats & Dogs - A book review

George the mailman came through once again! As soon as I found out that Lynette Anderson's new book It's Quilting Cats & Dogs was coming out in September, I did a little research and discovered that I could pre-order it from Amazon.com and receive it as soon as it was available. Delivery date was originally the end of August, then it was moved up to August 23 which is today. I was very excited to receive it a bit early, but much to my surprise George dropped it on my front porch on Friday, three days earlier than expected! I've been enjoying it all weekend! Take a look for yourself...

It's Quilting Cats & Dogs - A book reviewTo get free shipping, I had to order one other item so I splurged on a 45 mm Fiskars rotary cutter. That might not sound exciting to you, but when I show you what I've been using for the past 15+ years to cut my fabric, you'll understand! But that's for another day. Back to the book...

Don't you just love the cover of Lynette's book? It's a bag, for heaven's sakes! And you know how much I love love love bags! And that cute little black dog is Hugo with his little bird friend Mr. Bird. If you follow along on Lynette's blog, you know that Hugo and Mr. Bird and Felix the cat are regular topics of conversation. They are just as adorable in their real-life versions as they are in Lynette's fabulous stitcheries.

It's Quilting Cats & Dogs - A book reviewHere they are together in several different forms, drawings, embroidery and appliqué. Lynette's book gives so many fun ideas and directions for making lots of creative things with cats and dogs on them. This little coin purse is one of the items at the top of my own to-do list! And I'm thinking that purse won't be far behind!

It's Quilting Cats & Dogs - A book reviewLynette does lots of stitcheries and appliqués on bags, quilts, needle books, pillows, purses, boxes, pin cushions - and she includes instructions and templates for all of them, along with thread colors for all the embroidery and informative tips on practically every page. The Friends Wall Hanging pictured on this page is done in punch needle embroidery which is fun and easy to do and produces a rug-like texture on weaver's cloth that can then be used as a wall hanging or picture, pillow, tote bag insert or on the top of a box. I've also seen punch needle embroidery made into a brooch or pin, name tag, Christmas ornament or gift tag. Also on my list of things-to-do!

It's Quilting Cat's & Dogs is bursting with colorful pictures of Lynette's creations and instructions so that you can make them for yourself. She even has sections covering materials and equipment, basic techniques, embroidery stitches, and templates for every design in the book. If you love cats and dogs, and don't forget birds, and want some ideas for incorporating them into your projects, this is the book for you. Put it on your Christmas list, or better yet, just click below and order it for yourself from Amazon. Maybe your mailman will surprise you a few days early too!

Happy Stitching!

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